Thank You for 2017

While we are still at the beginning of 2018, we would like to reflect on companies and people that have heavily influential to us during this past year.  First...
While we are still at the beginning of 2018, we would like to reflect on companies and people that have heavily influential to us during this past year.  First and foremost, a booming thanks to our merch sponsor Boon Technical Clothing for all of their support and swag.  Thank you to the AUDL for allowing us to share training techniques with a broader audience through the Train Like a Pro series.  In turn we have been providing memberships at cost to a few teams to show our appreciation.  In 2016, we made a $1,000 donation to the Girls Ultimate Movement (GUM) and promised to keep sending a portion of membership fees that way – in 2017 we repeated that contribution!  We supported Breaking Borders, another Non-Profit, hoping to see their servant-leadership curriculum spread into the Ultimate world and beyond.  We have for 6+ years provided CUT Camp’s physical training curriculum;  our coaches love going to the various camps across the country to teach high school students valuable lessons in injury prevention and bringing them performance drills.
This past year we have also been blessed with the opportunity to begin sponsorships of some very talented teams.  San Francisco Fury, University of Virginia Hydra, and University of North Carolina Darkside have all been training with us for the past several months. They are some of the first to use our new app and team-focused outlet “Team+”!  They have provided us with valuable feedback but more importantly some new friends and teammates to cheer on.
Thinking back on this past year, we must mention Remy Schor and Ng “Zi” Wen.  Remy made some big plays for us by finding a LA gym as a venue for one of our big film shoots.  We couldn’t have done it without her.  And Zi, my goodness, where do we even begin?  Let’s just say no one has been more vocal and supportive on the MPFPT forums with our members that him.  Thank you for your diligence, patience, and practitioner-ship.
Onward to 2018!  P.S. get ready for a big announcement next week!

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