Strength & Power


The DC Breeze’s strength and conditioning coach, Alex Jacoski, put together this primer workout. It’s the ideal day before routine with the perfect set and rep scheme to get you primed for battle.


A customized 9 week, 3 phase Strength and Power development program. It will get you training like a true athlete. Workout by workout, it will give you an understanding of how your body should move, and will put you on track to being your most powerful.


An intermediate 4 Phase program focusing on foundational patterns, hypertrophy, strength and conversion to power.


This program is only recommended for athletes that have completed both Program.Zero and Program.One. Triphasic refers to training each of the eccentric, isometric, and concentric phases of a motion in separate progressive training phases.


Our In-season strength and power program is also designed to help you regain alignment to combat the asymmetry of a high volume of ultimate.

2015 Machine Triphasic

In Progress – An advanced 3 day a week program that is a full body workout. This is a 4 Block Program. Block 1-3 are for Strength, while Block 4 is for speed & explosiveness.