Movement Quality

Active and Passive stretching, cone to cone warm ups, smr routines and more.


Strength and Power

In season and off season strength and power programs.


Speed and Agility

Field work drills, to move quicker, get faster, and jump higher.



Programs to help you grind out points and never feel gassed.



In order to succeed we all must speak a common language.


Phase 0

Learn the pre-requisite movements known as the MP FPT Foundational Patterns.



Think of them as mini circuits. You will perform exercise A1 then A2 then A3. Then A1, A2, A3, A1, A2, A3.


Jab Step Progression

A Jab Step is the most effective way to execute 90 degree changes of direction.


Crossover Progression

The crossover is the most effective way to execute 180 degree change of direction. Learn it here.


Work to Rest Ratios

Explaining how to adjust rest ratios in line with the principle of progressive overload.


Lecture Hall

For those seeking a little more, learn the hows and whys of what you’re doing.


Movement Quality Appendix

Index of all our SMR, stretching, and warm up movements.


Speed & Agility Appendix

Index of all our speed and agility drills.


Strength & Power Appendix

Index of all our strength and power movements.


Conditioning Appendix

Index of all our conditioning drills.