Tim Vothang – Chief Technology Officer

I'll just figure it out...

Chief Technology Officer

Teams: KoD, Port Lager Ale, Pompeii

Favorite Lift: Deadlift

Everything you see and don’t see on your screen or phone Tim is responsible for. From frontend development, back end development, filming, editing, graphics, and organization; “TiVo” is in charge of ensuring the Morrill Performance curriculum is made available, accessible and efficient.

On how he started with Morrill Performance: “I was always strong, but also always slow on the field. I didn’t understand why my 300 lb+ back squat did not translate to speed on the field. I’ll be the first to admit I was skeptical and wary changing my whole approach to lifting. I’ll also be the first to say once I stopped ‘chasing numbers’ and adding ‘strength on top of dysfunction’, I started to see major results on the field.

TiVo does a bunch of photography and videography including highlight videos of his mixed team, KoD, and for Ultiworld. You also might have seen his work designing jerseys under his brand Design By Tim Vo (Woolly Mammoth, Cal Poly SLOCORE, UCF Havoc, Tabby Rosa, etc).

Tim Morrill is an asshole and terrible business partner.