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Seasons Greetings & Happy Holidays & all that fun stuff! You may not know this but just a few short weeks ago, Morrill Performance Functional Performance Training hit our one...

Seasons Greetings & Happy Holidays & all that fun stuff!

You may not know this but just a few short weeks ago, Morrill Performance Functional Performance Training hit our one year anniversary as a company!  In the last year a LOT has happened.

What Ha-Happened Was

We trained with world class coaches such as Kelly Starrett, Joel Jamieson, and others. We watched 3 USAU teams we have trained win major tournaments starting with Chicago Machine winning the U.S. Open and finishing when Boston Ironside and Brute Squad won national championships.  We led warm-ups for world championship winning Team USA and helped its team members solve nagging injuries.  We traveled to more than 5 countries to train over 500 athletes.  We started a podcast called Talking About Performance (TAP). It has truly been an amazing year.

On top of that, we built a website from scratch and packed it with 26 programs spread across four portals: Movement Quality, Strength & Power, Speed & Agility, and Conditioning.  We stuffed it with hours and hours of resource material.  We filmed 400 movements in HD, with 3 camera angles.  We offered coaching feedback on user-submitted videos and engaged in over 60 forum conversations.

We love training the ultimate community.  We love getting people moving well, helping them forge bodies resistant to injury, running faster, running longer, and jumping higher.  We love watching you push yourselves, sending in Snapchats and tagging #MPFPT on social media outlets so we can experience the journey with you.  It’s funny, one thing we didn’t do this year was advertise.  Despite that, we have over 200 MPFPT.com members training with us representing 21 different countries.

Great Expectations

What can you expect going forward?  More programs in each of our four portals.  Pod workouts.  More podcast interviews with movers, shakers, athletes, and coaches.  Partnerships with Leagues and Federations.  Team Registration pages.  Team branded programs.  A growing training community.  And a few spiffy website tricks up our sleeve!

We Support GUM, Chew on that!

We here at MPFPT recognize the disparity in regards of participation, coverage, and encouragement of gender equality when it comes to ultimate. We love what GUM is doing and we have decided to help. On top of the $1,000 we have donated already, we are also pledging a portion of all subscriptions to GUM. We’re also looking forward to helping with clinics and promotions with GUM in 2017.

The numbers speak for themselves: 30% of women account for the ultimate playing population. Even fewer focus on proper strength training. We want to help female athletes reach their peak potential while also reducing the risk of injury.  You may have heard that studies show women are 3-8x more likely to sustain an non-contact ACL injury than men.  We teach time tested injury-reduction strategies than can help change such rates within ultimate.  While most of our programs can be done by either gender, we’re enlisting Octavia “Opi” Payne and Kaela Jorgenson as ambassadors and are to be featured in more female oriented strength programs for 2017. We want to help all female athletes Raise the Bar and Level the Playing Field.

[Click Here to Donate to GUM]

Train, with us!

Many of you are deep into the off-season.  There is no time better than now to be start training.  Will you join our journey to reach new heights?  Join us!  See what you can accomplish with our help!  To further encourage you, we will be holding a contest.  Anyone, male or female, who joins us before the end of 2016 will be entered to win a signed jersey from Jonathan “Goose” Helton.

We hope you get some quality time with your loved ones (so you can teach them SLDLs)!

The MPFPT Team
Tim, Goose, and other Tim


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