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The path to reaching your peak potential requires dedication, consistency and a certain level of education.  We are proud to serve as your guide and provide you with resources...

The path to reaching your peak potential requires dedication, consistency and a certain level of education.  We are proud to serve as your guide and provide you with resources and a long-term athlete development model.  In order to move forward our movement and move forward together, we are proposing this as a framework to guide our conversation.  With our private clients, almost all coaching calls are structured based on around these four spheres and our programming is organized via these four portals.  We are very excited and hopeful that this framework will create context and will allow us to better serve you and to entice you to engage and contribute to the conversation.

Let’s speak a common language and move forward on this journey together!

As we proceed onward in our quest toward fulfilling our potential as athletes and coaches it is important that you think of yourself as the hero in your own story. It is on you to write the chapters of your own book, to decide what you want to achieve and to consistently put in the work needed to reach your goals. You are your hero and you can think of the team here at MP  as your guide!

We are thrilled to serve you and to offer services to those who wish to pursue sustainable, high-level performance and it all starts here, with this big picture framework.

4 Spheres of Peak Performance


  • You become what you eat!  We believe in eating nutrient dense foods, staying hydrated and modifying diet based on goals and body type.  We are learning more about nutrition as we go and we are excited to share what we learn with you and hope you will contribute your nutrition lessons to our community as well. The nutrition channel on Slack is a great place to ask questions or contribute your knowledge.  


  • What you do off the field affects how you perform on the field!  Resources and environmental factors such as air & water quality, access to technology, sleep, recovery practices, hormone balances, and your daily habits will all play a role in your performance. Simple lifestyle/recovery hacks can boost performance and are part of the training process.  For lifestyle-related questions and contributions, you can post in the Lifestyle channel on Slack.

Sport Skills Training (SST)

  • Play Ultimate! or other disc games such as Hot Box, Fakes & Flow, Goaltimate, Continuous Upwind, Durango, etc.  We seek to integrate our FPT principles into our SST principles and over time these will blend together.

Functional Performance Training (FPT)

  • The FPT portal system (*1) supports a long-term athlete development model. “Functional” means relating to a purpose or task. The purpose is to perform an efficient and explosive ultimate at a low risk of injury. We work to achieve this by continuously practicing and implementing the periodized programming within the 4 Portals(*2) of FPT:
  • Movement Quality (MQ) – Warm-Ups, Rehab, Positional Breathing, etc.
  • Strength & Power (SP) – Adaptations in muscular strength and power production.
  • Speed & Agility (SA) – Techniques designed to improve Linear Speed and COD Skills
  • Conditioning or Energy System Development (ESD) – Cardiorespiratory adaptations.

(*1) The process is always changing but the framework stays the same.

(*2) You can also think of these portals as buckets. All buckets need to be filled but how high you fill each one will depend on your training history and where you are in your goals, season, and timeline. For instance, an athlete coming back from an injury may need to focus almost all of the energy on filling their MQ bucket and building that foundation for a period of time before adding on SP, SA, and ESD. Another example is during the off-season where you need to fill your SP bucket higher than your SA and ESD. As the season approaches, SP volume decreases as you begin to fill in SA and ESD.

How you can contribute to our growing movement

Be the fire – put in the work and be the best you can be!  The simple act of stepping up and taking ownership over your performance and your career is the best gift you could ever give yourself and your community.

Spark a fire consider using Instagram to post a bit of your training journey. Think of Instagram as a training yearbook. When you show a bit of your work you are inspiring the whole community to take action and stay consistent.  It also allows us to see and celebrate your achievements. If you choose to use Instagram consider using the #mpfpt hashtag along with the program hashtags we’ve listed below.

Pass a fire – As you put in the work your movement and performance will speak for itself.  You will begin to develop fans, athletes who see the way you move and want to be like you. They will want to know how you did it and how they can do it too.  Be a good mentor, pass the fire and point them in the right direction!

In order to help you pass the fire, we want to share a simple playbook with you. This will help you to take ownership over your own training and also to empower your teammates and aspiring athletes. Here is the playbook simplified for you as a quick go-to resource.  Hope it helps! Let us know what we can do for you and how we can improve!

SA Speed Agility Programming – Quick Guide

  • Game Speed Prep – Warm Up

SP – Strength & Power Programming – Quick Guide


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