6-Notes from Apr. 7th, 2019

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6-Notes on Sunday

Hi there!

Here is your weekly dose of “6-Notes on Sunday,” a list of ideas, products, episodes, quotes, exercises, and more that we believe are worth sharing.

Heart rate monitoring —
It’s important to track your heart rate to avoid over-training and improve your ESD objectivity. Check out this awesome video on the value of heart rate monitoring.

Joe Rogan with Gabrielle Reece —
In this great interview from Joe Rogan, he meets with Gabrielle Reece. One of our female #bosswoman heros!  Gabby is a world-renowned athlete, Co-Owner of XPT life with one of our training heroes Laird Hamilton, New York Times bestseller, and mother of daughters!  Laird and Gabby “LIVE IT” by training full time in the most northern Hawaiian island.

Spotify for Workout Inspiration  —
After taking 3 years off of Spotify (in favor of audible) Tim is back to making consistent Spotify playlists.  You can follow his account to see the latest playlist or get a taste with this fresh new Top 22 of winter 19′ playlist.

How to recover between intervals/points— 
Is it better to recover with your hands on your knees or your hands above your head? Check out this Instagram from Michael Boyle where he answers this very question and the research that spurred the conversation from our friend Micheal Mullin.

Tuesday Tips – Tension on Clusters! 
If you missed it on our social media, here’s this week’s Tuesday Tips that you’ll definitely want to see to improve your power output during lifting!

Serpentine Testing 
Its Serpentine season! Time to integrate your off-season SP into SA and ESD!  For some inspiration check out this Awesome video of vintage Ironsquad getting after some pre-season Serpentine Testing.  Be sure to make some videos of you running Serps and tag us on Social @Morrillperformance or #MPFPT!

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Wishing you the ultimate week!

The Morrill Performance Team

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