6-Notes from Apr. 28th, 2019

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6-Notes on Sunday

Hi there!

Here is your weekly dose of “6-Notes on Sunday,” a list of ideas, products, episodes, quotes, exercises, and more that we believe are worth sharing.

TAP with Tiina —
We have a brand new TAP video featuring the legendary Tiina Booth! Check it out here on our site.

The importance of hydration —
As we approach the heat of the summer, it’s important for us to remember to remain hydrated both in and out of our workouts. Check out this great article on hydration!

White sugar vs. fruit —
There has always been a lot of misconceptions about the difference between refined sugar and the sugar found in fruit. This awesome article spells out the differences and why fruit is far superior to refined sugar.

Sleep better —
Sleep is important, and it’s even more important to have healthy and consistent sleep habits. If you’re struggling to establish these healthy habits, this article might be for you!

How to recover correctly — 
After the strenuous workouts we subject ourselves to, it is absolutely vital to help our bodies recover in the best possible way. Check out this article with 10 tips on how to recover better after workouts.

Choosing the right shoes 
Ever wondered what workout shoes are right for you and your workouts? This article from WebMD lays out some great ways to choose the right shoes for you!

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Wishing you the ultimate week!

The Morrill Performance Team

Bonus Note – A Late “April Fools” – DAB Stick 

Ever wonder about arm action during the 1-2 Stick Drill?  U24s and Brute Squad Athlete, Megan “MOOSE” Wilson shows us how it’s done!  April fools! Or, maybe she is on to something.  Try it out during your next Speed / Agility workout and tag us on Instagram stories!

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