19′ Ambassador Handbook

We appreciate your loyalty!

This about more than just about training, it’s about creating a movement and we’re on this journey together as a JAMily.  We are Training 4 Ultimate together and we leverage our community for support. To stay lit and motivated through the long process of ups and downs that is training and life it’s important that we not only BEthefire (BE YOU, stay lit, work hard) but we want to also Sparkasfire (motivate new trainees) and Passafire (use your journey to motivate and empower others!)

Recognizing Rockstar Ambassadorship Work

We are all on a journey of BEing original and finding our drive to BE Better Than Ever and help our TEAMmates and global jam fam to do the same. 

Sharing “content” around the journey is a big part of this “inspiration” process (passing the fire) and your posts, Insta-stories and use of the #T4U #training4ultimate and #mpfpt hashtags is HUGE and yall have done a great job! This is a great way to earn your PEAK + sponsored accounts as well as to actively build your athlete brand, following, and career resume. As annoying as social and Tech can be it can also be very helpful for gaining the resource and support you need. This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding what y’all accomplished this year and it’s missing a lot of stuff.  It’d be too much to list everything!

Some 2019 Highlights! 

  • FAST FINLAND! Inka & Essi did amazing work organizing the full TEAM + intake workshops at  Fast Finland 
    • A-Z this was the most well-done intake to MPFPT & Promotional content (photos, highlight video, product sponsor) that we’ve ever done! 
  • Levke42 had an epic Off SZN & great Euro Stars Tour & post-Eurostars #BEoriginal tour & is slipping sliding for joy to start OFF SZN!  
  • Ines7 – Amazing Eurostars Tour and posted some great Insta-stories & this amazing post to tell the story of our work together, since 2013! Also, she is posting ultimate highlights and tagging us. This is HUGE!
  • Through Eurostars & WhatsApp voice mails Levke Ines were able to help to recruit us a new Jam Fam! Sarah a community builder in the Czech Rep & Dina from Russia and will be included! Thanks for the great recruits, ladies!
  • Helen had amazing Off SZN & U24s Gold & continues to lead the charge on Insta-stories (check out her sweet MPFPT Insta-story compilation!) 
  • Dena put on a SHOW at College Nats, securing the title, crushed U 24s & was thoughtful enough to write a nice testimonial and even to out some sweet stickers!  
  • Brett crushed U24s, got a gold and moved to Texas to take on University Level S & C!
  • Tom & Cat & Lippy Did huge things this year – had a great AUS SZN & US Tour & are leading the charge for AUS Ultimate to continue to level up!  Cat even played US Club Nats and helped to take 6ers all the way to the Final vs Brute Squad! Amazing job Cat!
  • THE REVOLUTION BEGINS! Carolina is has been sending over tons of great videos and making funny #morebutter posts. Check out this BETTER THAN EVER HPC.
  • BEAU SHOW – Bear – Finished a two-year process to bring an AUDL Championship to NY. He is moving and performing BETTER THAN EVER & made some great PEAK+ demos for us!
  • BODY BY ULTY! Jake Raddack leading the charge with ZOODisc, testing Laird Superfood & did some great PEAK+ demos for us & creating this to BE epic account @bodybyulti
  • HUMILISQUAD! We reunited a humble Ironsquad (minus the ironside piece, so … Humilisquad?) for the first time since 2013 & it was amazing what they accomplished training wise this year.  Their work since they brought me back in 2017 through til 2019 has been absolutely out of this world amazing. Without the Humilisquad none of this would be possible. They are truly amazing.  Plus, they got their third gold star!
  • Ari Jade had a great U24’s, has been improving consistently and is getting everyone leveling up with her “Jade Shuffle Challenge”  (way to pass the fire Ari!). She’s also helped bring us a few amazing Slow White players. We are pumped to get her TEAMMATES going!
  • Humiliswag Back to Back! Beach Nats Open Div contributors Jordan, AJ, Elliot had a great USA Ultimate Beach SZN and won Humiliswags second US Title as they personified Humiliswag lifestyle and used the MPFPT to secure Humiliswag its second USA Ultimate title.
  • FIRST JAM ROCK DESTINATION WEEKEND – Prior to Beach Nats did the first-ever Boston Jam Rock beach ultimate training destination training weekend with me.  MBSC, Beach, Food, Recovery Gym, Fire! 
  • Rupal had a great Better than Ever tour and submitted this amazing Testimonial posts. 
  • Merideth sent over a great ambassadors post!
  • Felipe in Panama is crushing it and moving Better Than Ever!
  • David Conlon made a super inspiring ACL Process video! He is also doing amazing coaching for us and helping to engage in our slack forums!
  • Logan Edwards has been helping with PEAK + videos and our social oversite. He’s even done a few MP Insta takeovers!
  • Zi has been doing AMAZING work as the programming director at MP and sometimes makes great posts on social too! He’s been the sunflower of this operation & PEAK+ wouldn’t be nearly at the level of BETTER THAN EVER without Zi!
  • The list goes on and on!

Upcoming opportunities 4 U!

  • Sponsored PEAK+ Accounts to start the OFF SZN Orientation Starts MONDAY, Nov 4th, 2019 !!!
    • Currently, we are taking TEAMs and individual athletes for PEAK+!  Let’s do this! You’ll love the program and how far our onboarding communication has come through TB app and emails.
    • Get your TEAM into the system & community! The sooner you can get your TEAMMATES learning the system the sooner your communities can grow. BE a spearheader and get your TEAM to join TEAM + (10 athletes minimum) or your friends (PEAK + individual accounts)
    • Understand our new Long Base, Long Advanced, Short Base, Short Advanced system to empower you and the jamily! This video is CRUCIAL to watch! Crucial VIDEO.
    • Start on time and crush the program! Follow it 100% or use it as a framework and splash in other stuff that works for you. Just remember SA, SP & ESD are periodized. That means you have to follow the program style to get the most of of the next phase and phase after. Be patient, go in order, delay gratification because its the OFF SZN!
    • Help us be silly on insta with #earnyocheese #traingrumpy #morebutter and other fun Off SZN hashtags!
    • Do things BEtter than ever. Here is how we can improve!
  • Train with me in Boston!  On Nov 4th, we start a 10-week preparation block.  It’ll be cold Boston winter and we will be training and drinking tea (and a lot of Laird Insta Fuel).  I try not to take a ton of “clients” so I can be free to train with JAMily and future TEAMmates/T 4 U reps.   So if you can make it to town, find a way to contribute via paying the rates (I’m expensive) or helping in other ways (promo, etc) then I’m totally into getting it to work.  I wish I could help everyone all the time but it’s tough, especially in a sport like ultimate where we pay to play! We have a great relationship with MBSC the # 1 gym in America. You’d love it. I can sort of host. It’s not an ideal athlete dorm but we can make it work if needed.  Just LMK!

PEAK + Discount/Sponsorship 

Remember you have been sponsored and that means you get the programming and any extra bits of coaching for a discount or even for free.  That’s how I want it cuz you deserve it and I want you to use your $ on getting yourself the best resources. However, we have business partners and we have to make sure that everyone is following through with contributing in some ways to validate giving you the royal treatment.  You’ve all done a great job. Moving forward I’d like to continue to offer this to all of you!

We support you in being your best and we don’t expect anything from you.  We value and appreciate the fact that many of you have been working on your bodies, your whole life and we’ve been only a small part of your journey & you did the work yourself!

That said we’d never want to accept “credit” for your success. Yet if you feel we have empowered you, helped educate or inspire you and you would like to give back and help contribute to our growing T 4 U global movement here are some ways…   For context, PEAK + accounts and access to the programming you get $30 a month (none of yall pay that) and 1 on 1 consultation/coaching online / in person is 100$ an hour.

If you would like to continue and need to be moved to a relevant calendar based on where you are in your SZN message us on slack.  When I’m on the road you’ll be dealing with ZI, our programs admin who is amazing. 

If you are not in the calendar currently that you need to be to match your SZN please DM us so we can move you!

How can you contribute/help the JAMily grow?

  • BE YOU! Keep it up. BE original. Keep finding your own drive to do you, own it and grow!
  • If you prefer not to post there are many other ways to help!
  • Crush the program! Keep up with PEAK+  OFFSZN – Currently, learn the new drills and post about Phase 4! 
  • Send over videos on SLACK & WhatsApp so we can make more JAMILY HIGHLIGHT videos like this during PR SZN!
  • INSTA Storie Chains! Add all your MP / T4U posts to a “folder / chain” Documenting this and add to the “chain” long term is helpful to show just how long of a process this is.
  • Bring in TEAM+ Teams and PEAK+ clients for PEAK Off-SZN Opening Nov 4th (Get paid commissions – See Below)
  • When it makes sense write a testimonial and be creative!
    • BE Creative! How about trying a different way. How about you write about your experience in a long-form post to be featured on www.training4ultimate.com or skydmagazine.com!
    • Simple Insta format – just provide a few photos, summarize how MP has helped shape your training 
  • Arts and Crafts! (I know Dena, for example, is a great artist. If ever you find any inspiration to pass a fire our way via some art I’d be amazing to have more art around the office to keep inspired. 4 Spheres art, and Zen – Jam (ice/heat) (sun & ocean) art would be amazing for the launch pad office!
  • Do an MP Insta takeover!
  • Interested in coaching FPT?  We like to start all of our coaches with CFSC!  Message on slack.
  • Engage more in slack! Ask questions, share experiences, share articles, videos, etc.
  • Forward 6 Notes to friends.
  • Use the discount codes and tell your friends about them!

Make Money with Us! Our Commissions Deal 

Earn extra income by sharing the benefits of Training 4 Ultimate with teammates, friends, family and even your competition. 

How much you make is up to you… Earn 15% on membership fees from referred athletes and teams: just have them list your name where they are asked: “How did you hear about our program?”


MEMBERSHIP PAGE: https://mpfpt.com/register/peak-membership/

DISCOUNT: 1 Month Free Trial to Base Site
CODE: Jamily1Mo
MEMBERSHIP PAGE: https://mpfpt.com/register/mp-fpt/

DISCOUNT: 1 Month Free for a Captain on TEAM+
MEMBERSHIP PAGE: https://mpfpt.com/register/peak-plus-for-team-members/

DISCOUNT: $5 off for TEAM+ team members (MUST HAVE OVER 15 TEAM MEMBERS)

Take Advantage of our Product Partners/Resources

It’s my job to get out in front test the products that work and bring them to you! I hope my hard work to get you all discounts / great deals on all this gives you an even great sense of how special and valuable this community can be to your long term athlete development. 

CFSC: 10% OFF | CODE: TImbro10 – certifiedfsc.com

Pso Rite: 20% off | code: mpfpt – psorite.com

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