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PEAK+ takes training with Morrill Performance to the next level.

PEAK+ combines the standard MPFPT member 4-Portal programming into a holistic long-term athletic development template delivered via Teambuildr mobile device app.

The MPFPT PEAK+ program is the best roadmap we have available to guide you on your peaking journey. Experience it, humbly learn from it, reach your peak, pass the fire, and hang with Jamily!

Peaking is the deliberate planning of training to attain optimum objective performance. Wherever an athlete is in their competitive career and lifetime, there will be many many peaks at varying times to meet varying goals. Just like a pyramid, many small peaks can lead to much larger peaks. Peaks don’t last long but they unlock new levels of performance potential and be leveraged towards another type or time of peaking. This compounding effect is called super-compensation and is the basis of physical adaptation.





Persistent lifestyle that we shall guide you in the pursuit of Excellent performance in body and mind, caused by Adaptation through physical and mental training, using the Knowledge that is fully accessible at your fingertips.


TEAM+ Discount Coupon

Wish to join as a team or group? Contact us to discuss eligibility for a price discount (minimum 10 individuals, the more the merrier!).

Your teammates and friends will register and subscribe to PEAK+ normally using the form link below and enter a COUPON CODE that was provided to you.


Peak+ Membership
$30 / month
$15 / month


Intake Schedule

Intake # STATUS START* FINISH (12-week) FINISH (16-week)
4 >>>>OPEN<<<< 2 Jan 2022 2 Apr 2022 30 Apr 2022
5 coming soon 30 Jan 2022 30 Apr 2022 28 May 2022
6 coming soon 27 Feb 2022 28 May 2022 25 Jun 2022
7 coming soon 3 Apr 2022 2 Jul 2022 30 Jul 2022
8 coming soon 1 May 2022 30 Jul 2022 27 Aug 2022
9 coming soon 29 May 2022 27 Aug 2022 24 Sep 2022
10 coming soon 3 Jul 2022 1 Oct 2022 29 Oct 2022
11 coming soon 31 Jul 2022 29 Oct 2022 26 Nov 2022
12 coming soon 28 Aug 2022 26 Nov 2022 24 Dec 2022
1 coming soon 2 Oct 2022 31 Dec 2022 28 Jan 2022
2 coming soon 30 Oct 2022 28 Jan 2023 26 Feb 2023
3 coming soon 27 Nov 2022 25 Feb 2023 25 Mar 2023

* The start date includes one week of on-boarding program.


PEAK+ Features

Mobile Access

Download the Teambuildr app on any Apple or Android device.
Access workouts wherever and whenever you need.

Exercise Options & Data Tracking

Selected exercise options available, giving you control of your throttle.
Track your workouts, weights and times, as well as your Personal Records/Maxes.

Program Calendar

Prepare upcoming training sessions with videos and instructions from our coaches.
Workouts reminders sent to your email.

Schedule your Peak

Select from pre-determined peaking schedules or discuss with coaches.


Note:  PEAK+ is not a fully personalized and customized service nor considered as ‘Distance Coaching‘.

If you are already an MPFPT member:

  • your payment calendar will change to when you sign up for PEAK+
  • this is not an additional charge and will replace standard MPFPT payments with PEAK+ payments
Peak+ Membership
$30 / month
$15 / month