PEAK+ Membership

Enrollment now open through Monday (03/25) at midnight EST.

PEAK+ takes training with MPFPT to the next level. It integrates MP programming with a strength and conditioning software platform to help you track your progress and peak on your schedule. It is broken into three-month training blocks and will follow the MPFPT scheduling of phases based on your needs and experience.

Cost: $30 | $15 + $15 ($15 for MPFPT basic membership)

Athlete Features

Workout Tracking

Track your workouts, weights and times, as well as your PR/Maxes.

Mobile Access

Access workouts wherever and whenever you need. The Peak+ platform is mobile and accessible from any device.

Programming for you

Receive workouts in your email and on the app with videos and instructions from our coaches.

Calendar of Workouts

Prepare for your day or week with your workout calendars.

Schedule your Peak

Progress through phases and plan to peak on your schedule.

Note: PEAK+ is not a fully personalized, customized program or considered distant coaching.

If you are already an MPFPT member, your payment calendar will change to when you sign up for PEAK+ and this is not an additional charge but will replace your payments while you are in a PEAK+ training block.

After the three-month training block, you can elect to start a new block. All PEAK+ members will be premium MPFPT members ($15/month) after they are no longer in a PEAK+ training block.

Peak+ Membership
$30 / month