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We are all in this together.

We want to offer educational resources and basic programs during this time of social distancing and uncertainty.

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Future 1.0

FUTURE provides a detailed training philosophy dedicated to increasing the performance of athletes in the sport of Ultimate. The concepts will enable you to make bigger plays, stay on the field longer, and feel better doing it.

Functional Performance Training Modules 1-8

FPT: 1-8 teaches you how to improve your speed, refine your cutting, increase vertical jump, upgrade your core training and forge superior conditioning. Improving performance but also decreasing the risk of common ultimate injuries by focusing on functional patterns and glute development.

Explosive Ultimate Presentation

Explosive Ultimate content includes MP Speed & Agility and Strength & Power curriculum along with programming, photo, video and diagram examples.

Access to MP Slack Community

Join our Slack community and connect with top athletes and ultimate players from around the world!

ZEN Flow Workout

There are days that we need to slow down and get into better mind space. On these days we suggest taking this sequence of movements to get into a Zen Flow

In-Home Workouts

MP Coach, Zi, takes you through a series of creative workouts you can do at home and get inspiration.