TEAM+ Overview

TEAM+ takes training with MPFPT to the next level for your entire team. Integrates MP programming with a strength and conditioning software, TEAM+ offers your team a platform to train and peak together. Build trust, accountability and easily manage your training schedule with TEAM+. TEAM+ will require each team member to join for $30/month to gain access to PEAK+ Team Member. It is broken into three-month training blocks and will follow the MPFPT scheduling of phases based on your team’s needs and experience.

Team & Player Features

Workout Tracking

Team members track their workouts, weights and times, as well as their PR/Maxes.

Mobile Access

Players can access workouts wherever and whenever they need. The Team+ platform is mobile and accessible from any device.

Programming for your team

Your players receive workouts in their email and on the app with videos and instructions from our coaches.

Attendance Tracking

Take attendance and run reports on workout participation.

Real-time Leaderboards

Maxes and records display in real-time for players to compete and offer encouragement.

Team Feed

Stay up to date with comments, personal bests and team records in the Team Feed stream.

Peak Together

Progress through phases and plan to peak on your team’s schedule.