Welcome to Team+

We are excited your team has joined the TEAM+ program! 

Here is more about the program:

Workout Tracking

Why: this allows us to objectively integrate our long-term athlete development model and track athlete progress.  As the athletes training age increase % of 1 RM becomes more important. Encouraging athletes to input their/your weights will allow them to know which loads to select for the next workout (using the principle of progressive overload). It’ll it really needs to see the progress over time!

Action Point: Take the time to have your team members input your loads and weights. The app also tracks % of completion. Your athletes will want to have a high completion percentage, so they will need to check off all “completion lifts.” They just click the box and swipe over.  

Examples: Here are some views to see a player’s workout tracking on a Strength & Power workout:


This feature allows us to find inspiration each week as our weights get heavier and we hit big PR’s!  Train hard and get some first bumps (we wish it were high fives but fist bumps for now).


The athlete weights will be tracked within the group. Here is an example of scores after a block of off-season strength and power workouts.

Individual and Team Completion Reports

Once we have each of your team members sign up via the site you and your team members will be added to the Teambuildr App by the Morrill Performance Team. They will then receive the workouts via email and the App.