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    Hey All

    I see the program scheduler was added, nice. Mine gave me this for a peak at the end of April 2017:
    Start your strength program on 4th week of Jan 2017
    Start your agility program on 3rd week of Feb 2017
    Start your conditioning program on 1st week of Mar 2017

    What are your suggestions for training from today until the 4th week of Jan 2017? I imagine this would be my off-season then and the program scheduler gave me my pre-season and in-season work load? I dont have any (major) injuries too recover from. Before the scheduler was up I started Program.Zero so thats going to take me into sometime in October if its 9 weeks.




    What Up Jon!

    Keep in mind the Scheduler is still in progress and will never be completely objective. You DEFINITELY do not want to wait til Jan to start your strength program.

    You want to get started as soon as possible and progress to higher level strength programs by the time January hits. I believe your original intention is sound… Start Program.Zero in October… and follow it up with Program.One. October – March is going to be valuable time to develop that strength base…

    What event are you peaking for in April if you don’t mind sharing…



    Hey Tim!
    Thanks for the reply. Appreciate the time.
    I’m training for our national (ultimate) tournament which is at the end of April.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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