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UltiComment – Alan Kolick is an amazing player; one of the most talented in our sport. In his recent AUDL: Off the Record video he says “I’ve tried to lift before, but to not much success.” What do you think Alan means by this? What are the ways a player can be unsuccessful at lifting? If he wanted to try again, what kind of coaching would you give him? How would you help him be successful at lifting?

DSC00461I’m not going to guess what he means. I”ll ask him and get back to you. Ok, I asked him. He said it took up a lot of time and didn’t feel like the strength gains made a positive impact on his game.
It’s true, strength might not always translate to the sport you play, especially if your lifting regimen isn’t designed to apply well to your end goal.
People commonly have negative gym and personal training experiences. I can easily see that lead to a sense of failure in lifting. For some athletes, the gym feels like a natural place, for others it is a learned skill. I would train Alan the same way I train any athlete, using a functional strength model. An important first step of that model is to identify and address inefficiencies in movement patterns and plan/strive to correct them. By cleaning up his movement patterns and eventually loading them, he would in fact be lifting. I don’t think your body knows the difference between rehab, prehab, and training. It’s all the same thing.
Alan is one of the best handlers in the country, no doubt. He has developed crafty ways of leveraging being a lefty and exploiting marks that are accustomed to right handed players. He has excellent field vision and he is unafraid to throw break mark.

UltiComment – Follow up: I’d like to hear about what its like to play with Alan. You said your greatest weakness is guarding handlers like Kolick. Who (perhaps on the Team USA D-line) have you found to be most successful at guarding him?

Walden Nelson, in my opinion, harasses Alan quite well.


t_789 – What was the decision behind going to DC to play AUDL and then going back to Chicago for Machine? Also what teams are you looking forward to playing against this season?

DSC00476I moved away from Chicago in November of 2015. While I considered playing with the Wildfire in 2016, the reality was that I would only make 4 games during the season due to Team USA conflicts. Why DC? I chose to move to Ocean City, MD to work closely with Tim Morrill on the creation of, a site designed to finally provide training programs instead of just teaching them how to train. Matzuka had played with the Breeze and really appreciated the ownership and playing experience. Dutchy, being a world class coach, was also a draw.
As for Machine, that was a collective decision made by Matzuka, 808, and myself. We carefully considered three other teams but, in the end, chose Machine for several reasons. Some of the focal points: being travel players, it would be easier to integrate with a team we already know. I have clients in Chicago, and making trips there was an inevitability. Matzuka is a loyal teammate, despite what seems to be a lot of team switching. And lastly, we really enjoy the experience and personnel of Chicago. We wanted to play with a team that can win, yes, but it’s important to us to play with a team ‘you can lose with’ (and still enjoy the journey and process).

Inconclusive22 – Having played several seasons in both the AUDL and the USAU club series, which ruleset do you find creates a better playing experience? Any changes in either to make one more like the other?
edit: any maybe throw something in about WFDF rules as well

This is a tough one so I’ll break it down a little. Obviously this will be a subjective answer.
AUDL pro: playing without the responsibility of also making calls (unlike USAU) is actually kinda nice. You get to focus on playing exclusively. AUDL con: I do not like the giant field. I think it removes one of my favorite aspects of the game, tight ‘man’ coverage. The silent stall count is disorienting, inconsistent, and promotes offensive irregularity. Poorly trained referees make for games that feel totally out of control. USAU pro: game control. elevated responsibility for fair play. the Contact rule. USAU con: regulating your opponent is the definition of conflict of interest, and so a high level of trust is required. violations can quickly result in a non-spectator friendly experience as resolutions can take excessive time.
I am starting to believe that a blended system would be the most enjoyable playing experience and fan experience. Objective Up/Down, In/Out, and Travel rulings. Fouls/contact/picks are left to the players with abbreviated discussions and objective refs/observers act as tie-breakers.
I don’t mind the WFDF rules relative to USAU, but I think they should punish OB pulls like USAU and I also prefer the USAU Contact call over the WFDF version.

witzuser – Being from Jacksonville, what are your thoughts on how the Jacksonville Cannons have handled/ responded to the recent controversy over their dangerous play on the field. Do they represent the local scene/ AUDL/ sport?

I think there is a serious disconnect in certain areas of the country and world regarding the direction ultimate is heading and how it should be played.
Overwhelmingly, I believe the game reached a breaking point of overly physical play back in the 2000’s. Since that time, the community and the rule book (see Contact rule and observer crackdown on physicality) have been on a correction course. Some communities of ultimate may be unaware and removed from this changing of the guard and need to play catch up.
I have had the personal experience of playing with two USA squads. An unexpected aspect for me in playing with those teams has been the kinsmanship. I have found it incredibly rewarding to be teammates and friends with players I have both previously been pitted against as well as expecting to play as opponents in the future. I can look Matt Rehder and Trent Dillion in the eyes in the final of the US Open and see a trust, a bond that I’d like to see in everyone’s eyes. I can trust they hold the values spirit and integrity at least equal with their own competitiveness and desire to win.
I do not think it is a coincidence that Florida has not had many representatives have this kinsmanship transformation, subsequently bringing it back to their tribe, and effectively evangelizing their teammates of the precious and delicate balance between how the sport CAN be played and how we, the greater community CHOOSE for it to be played.
I hope they get the message that BVH posted quite eloquently on twitter; Not because it is a message directed at them, but because BVH is right.

7ar93 – Out of all the players you’ve ever played with, which 6 would you have on your mens universe point line (including you)?
What’s Bob like in real life? Can you coax him back into tweeting?

DSC00801This is impossible to answer incorrectly if I stick with this most recent Team USA…but shooting from the hip O: Ashlin, Kurt, Jimmy, Cassidy, Brett, Beau? D: Walden N, Ryan F, Russell, Beau, Kurt, Rehder?
Bob is quiet but quick witted. likes to charge devices. thoughtful. has silos of initiative and discipline. focused. reflective.
Bob will always do what Bob wants to do. Can I get him to want to tweet? Maybe.

There are so many guys that I can’t believe I have to leave off that list. Woof. I mean, one guy is even named Goal Joel….
Also, I kinda want to see 7 Ashlins for the scariest O line. And 7 Bretts for most entertaining.

quantKid29 – Hey Goose! How did Team USA prepare for playing specific opponents? What was the preparation for playing Team Japan in the finals?

Dutchy and BVH were the men’s coaches and they quite effectively scouted film for both match identification as well as strategic planning. At their discretion, they would select a team’s strength (or weakness) and devise a way to disrupt (or exploit) it. In most cases, we would try to take away a team’s most dangerous strength. In the case of Japan, we knew they are nearly impossible to stop if they are allowed inside & up-the-gut break throws. Instead of adjusting on the mark substantially, we were instructed and taught to physically reposition our defenders downfield (in certain positions) to force shallow, open-side completions.

saraj12345 – Do you and your teammates have plans to promote the women’s game, or address gender inequality in the sport? Is this something that you have already been working on? Do you and your teammates have conversations about privilege?

My answer depends entirely upon to which teammates you are referring. The DC Breeze promotes Scandal as well as welcomes their players to the open combine. Dutchy, the coach of the DC Breeze is also the coach of Scandal, which makes for a more tightly knit overlap than many AUDL teams. Chicago Wildfire showcases Nemesis at halftime periodically as well as donates money to them in exchange for volunteers at games. Wildfire players encouraged one another to wear gear that promoted a preferred women’s team. Machine donates money to the All-Star Tour. Team USA wore GUM headbands, and supported the mixed and women’s teams with attendance whenever possible. Have each of these teams formulated a strategic plan regarding the inequalities of genders? Not that I am aware of.
I have never used the word ‘privilege’ in discussions with my teammates about gender equity. I’m not entirely sure what that term is designed to mean or conjure in such a context, to be honest. It sounds like a term selected to elicit similar concerns akin to ‘white privilege,’ but in reference to frisbee? Or perhaps it is a term used more widely than gender and ultimate? I’m somewhat in the dark regarding rhetoric here, sorry, I feel like I’m reaching at straws…
I’d like to make a suggestion. Leverage MPFPT in your conversations with your fellow women. As you likely know, females are about 70% more likely to suffer an ACL injury than men. Tim has a proven track record (see his Brute Squad tenure) of reducing ACLs and other knee injuries. The reality is the biggest contribution I have to offer female athletes in ultimate is not money* or publicity**, but rather career-elongating, injury prevention programs. I loathe seeing dominate women lose a year of their careers (or retire) due to preventable injuries.
*Have financial donation ratio of 2:1 in favor of women’s teams. **Filmed verbal support for international Women’s teams: 2 Men: 0.
In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy rooting for and watching the most dedicated & skilled players of both genders – as well as the current step-child in the sport (specifically in the US), Mixed.

steamydan – What’s your most embarrassing moment on an ultimate field? Bonus points if there is video of it.

I once dumped the disc directly to a referee due to the color scheme similarity of the 2012 AlleyCat away jersey. It was delivered so well, the disc hit the ref in the waistband despite his best efforts to dodge it.
It was a one-point game. Thankfully we won on a last second huck.

UltiComment – It seems that you prefer the hex-bar deadlift over the straight-bar deadlifts; why is this? What are your 1RMs for both?

Totally accurate. I find that for myself and most athletes, the anterior weigh displacement of a traditional, barbell deadlift causes excessive lower back recruitment. As a bonus, the hex/trap bar can be used for a very hip dominate deadlift as well as a deadlift pattern that involves more knee flexion and therefore, knee dominate muscle recruitment (think quads or squat pattern). I can record a video example of this! I also find that in late-stage training phases or blocks which usually involve high velocity, lower weight schemes that the trap bar feels overwhelmingly safer to use. Traditional: 435lbs (2 years ago) Trap/hex: 455lbs (2 years ago) …may be time to retest…

BreakingBorders – So if we were taking a stroll at a lake and I were to offer you a piece of bread…. would you be a nibbler or would you try to bite my whole finger off??? #goosebitmyfinger

Depends on the quality of bread. If you are going to offer me highly processed, white bread with high fructose corn syrup, I’m going to try to remove a digit.
If you offer me some whole grain goodness or perhaps a delicious pastry, I will nibble and kindly thank you by not pooping on your sidewalk.

goodlookultimate – Dear Goose, How did Machine’s Bad-Lip-Read video read your lips so well? Love, me

You know, with enough hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

2manyQuest1ons – number 1 secret for remaining injury free?

Choosing the ‘functional’ model for training > body building model.

powerlanguage – Who is the best defender you’ve matched up against?

Jackson from Bravo has given me a hard time. A couple of High Five guys…Rehder (Sockeye) a few years back covered me and I didn’t know who he was. I couldn’t shake him.

TheRealTonyJabroni – Do you even lift?

Yeah brah!! Maybe.


A_Random_Platypus – A question I’ve wondered about a lot of high level ultimate players; did you always have a natural talent/flair for ultimate, or did you only excell after lots of training and practice? I know from reading some of Beau’s blogs that he only reached success from nearly excessive amounts of training, and I was wondering if the same was true for most players?

I was not naturally good at ultimate. I was told 2-3 years ago by player I really looked up to that back when I first started in club, he told the other captain “Goose is really athletic, but he’s never going to get it”. I was a pretty slow learner. I never had the luxury of going to a school with an ultimate program or learning from a nearby elite club team.
It took a long time and a lot of dedication.

dkhoe – Why the name Goose? Do you like Top Gun? How was playing time divided at WUGC?

About the time I first began playing ultimate in college, I started a long string of voicemail message recording weekly changes. For some reason I decided to create several that began with nursery rhymes but ideally ended with a witty prompt to leave a VM. The captain of the time starting calling me Mother Goose. It quickly met the razor of simplicity and became Goose. I do not like Top Gun particularly.
The men’s team was split into 3 playing lines, ideally resulting in equal playing time across the lines. Line 1, primarily offense. Line 2, a hybrid of O and D. Were called in most cases when the Line 1 was broken. Line 3, primarily defense. Given the scoring patterns of the games, (and by that, I mean the overwhelming number of points wherein we began the point on defense), line 1 played a fair share of d points as well.

2manyQuest1ons – What is your go to recovery strategy? Post lift? Post field workout? Post practice? Post tournament?

After lifting/training/practicing/games/tournaments, the first thing I do is make sure I have something to eat containing carbs and hopefully a little protein within 30-45 minutes of completion. I also like to take a Hammer Strength Eduralyte pill. Because I usually plan ahead and make that available to myself, I take the opportunity to do a little bit of stretching and rolling.
If I can, I will later eat a salad or something that contains a wide variety of nutrients. Something I’m specifically trying to replenish is the magnesium my muscles have burned up. (also a reason for the electrolyte pill aforementioned).
I have also recently become a big fan of 2XU compression gear, both for playing and recovery. It is kinda nice to wear something that makes you feel like you are performing better and then it immediately aids your recovery. And just in case people ask, I have the 2XU MCS Elite tights and compression shorts.

paultimate37 – As a younger player (15), I want to get more involved with Ultimate so I may one day make it to where you are. I already go to pickup games about twice a week and play in a summer league in my city. But there are no high school teams or youth clubs in Fort Wayne (that I know of). My question is, how can I get more involved and get better at the sport? How can I get onto a youth worlds team (USAU/ WU19)? Thanks.

I definitely recommend going to an ultimate camp if possible. I know Cut Camp is pretty awesome, experientially, but I hear good reviews from others as well. Not only will you learn a lot, but you will meet players in your age group and those relationships, as well as the ones you forge with the coaching staff, can lead to a much easier path to U19 teams and the like.
Also, pick players you would like to emulate, and practice moving the way they do, with the disc and without it.

nuostabus – What is your current weight and height? And how often to you train throughout the week (not including practice with your team)? Thanks!

I currently weigh about 205lbs and am 6’0″ (93kg & 1.83m).
I lift 2 days/wk during the season. I throw at least 3 days a week. Generally I run sprints/shuttles 2 days/wk, on separate days from my lifting days.

willdoc – I have players that are fast in a straight line but not as fast as their slower peers when it comes to cutting back and forth. How would you go about increasing change of direction speed/acceleration?

The most obvious answer is to have your players train agility patterns like Inside Foot Pushes, Outside Foot Pushes, Crossovers, Jab Steps, Hip and Shoulder Dissociation…
A less obvious, but equally if not more important answer in my own experience, is gym training with a triphasic program. The ability to decelerate has a lot to do with the body’s eccentric compliance or ability to absorb force. Triphasic training is training in eccentric, isometric, and concentric (which is the most common) emphases and phases. You need to create the strength to slow down and stop and then you will have raised your capacity to do those things in game situations.

Impressimone – What percentage of the day do you wear a shirt?

Average day: 35%. Most days are board shorts only, it at all possible.

Liface – Best player you’ve ever played with that is not a household name, and why?

Clancy Shannon. He was the best player that lived in Jacksonville and would, by my measure, be a starting O or D line player on nearly any elite club team. Sadly, he retired in 2009 or 2010. He was one of my first role models in ultimate.

nikoman53 – hey goose i’m sorry but i got one more question. do you work as a functional strenght coach for your living? thanks again 🙂

I work as a financial advisor for a living. I provide financial planning and investment ideas for my clients.
I have yet to make a single dollar in S&C apart from Cut Camp. One day that will likely change.

austinaa34 – skinny high schooler, what workouts would you suggest to add distance to throws

I agree with Bob Liu, the most important component of distance throws is technique. Understanding and producing spin with good angular releases is going to make a bigger difference than strength. That said, a very strong core, strong pecks, and arm muscles (especially forearms) can certainly increase your capacity to throw faster and farther.
Quick point: as you throw a forehand, your bicep has to relax as your tricep contracts (reciprocal inhibition). You can train this to happen quickly and that will have a greater impact that getting big biceps and big triceps.

WC1-Stretch – Who’s the most difficult individual matchup for you on the Breeze (in practice, scrimmages, etc.)?

My greatest weakness is guarding handlers. Probably Kolick or Spiva.

2manyQuest1ons – What do you think has contributed most to Machine’s steady rise year after year?

A combination of excellence in leadership (personnel, roles, delegation) and athletic recruiting.

Proxysetting – Goose, we know you lift. What is your throwing regimen?

I don’t have a throwing regimen that is written out in detail. However, I throw a lot. Almost every day. I work on the throws I am known for and the throws I want. I huck, I release high as well as low as well as the in-between. I practice off handed throws. I practice transitioning grips. I rehearse fakes and pivoting sequences/check downs. I experiment in wind.
I do like moving in a slow circular rotation with a partner, throwing several throws at every angle of wind.

rlocke – Will you (and the super friends) be making a return trip to Manlia Spirits this year? Any Boracay trips planned in your near future?

I don’t know if I will make it back to Spirits this year. Unfortunately, the travel is far and moderately expensive. Same with Boracay. Nothing planned at this point.

ultimatewhale – What do you think about while playing defense? What are good drills to do to improve staying with your defender? I’m quite fast on my feet but good players are able to usually shake me by putting me in an awkward position. Any tips or comments you have in general about playing defense well would be greatly appreciated.

The general key is simple. Stay between the thrower and your assignment (in ‘person to person’ defense). Look at the thrower as often as possible. As your assignment becomes farther from the disc, you should feel the liberty to find the location of the disc. As your assignment becomes closer to the disc (think dump d), the luxury of disc watching wanes and you need to keep your eyes more affixed to your ‘man’.
Because I play on elite club teams, we have point by point team strategies that I keep in the forefront of my mind while playing. Example: Maybe we are forcing cutters under. I need to stay just behind my guy as he cuts toward the disc. Abiding by my coach’s instructions are at the forefront of my mind. The other dominate thought is…I WANT THE DISC.

inscrutably – Who are the top 5 rappers of all time?

Dr. Dre, Pac, Em, Snoop, and Super Toine.
I don’t listen to much rap (disclaimer). Lil’ Dicky makes me laugh occasionally.

tivo713 – Which pokemon do you identify most with and why is it Jigglypuff?


Easy answer:


slyslayaslay – Do you think it’s more important to be mentally or physically prepared on a game or tournament day? Also why go to Ocean City, MD? Central MD is so much cooler.

False dichotomy. I think the physical preparation warm up ritual should be an act in mental preparation. I recently read a book about habits and it reinforced a belief I have long held that ‘small wins’ are important. Even the act of completing a ritualized physical warm up is a small win. That includes throwing.
I love the ocean, bro.

770pol – Who do you think are the top 5 best players in the game right now?

Hard to not want to categorize or ask for more clarification (like in the universe, the US, handlers, etc)
Matsuno, Kurt, Beau, Ashlin….4 is the best I can do. There are a ton of people in the US I could place that 5th spot, but the reality is I don’t know how other international players fair.

mdotbeezy – How’s it hangin?

Excellently and slightly leftward.

ultimatesascha – If you had the time, would you be willing to travel across the country teaching clinics to high schoolers and college players? (More specifically Utah 😉)

If I knew it would be an affordable endeavor with enough demand, Yes, I would love that actually!

jayjaywalker3 – What do you do to get pumped before a game? If you’re stuck travelling on the road, what fast food option do you go with and what do you get there?
Do you ever play mixed ultimate (fun tournaments, etc)? How often do you throw? How often do you workout?

I get fully warmed up. Do some band resisted sprints. Throw hucks. Jump high for discs.
Chipotle. Burrito bowl w/ tortilla, barbacoa or chicken, white rice (if I have just played or are about to, if not, brown), black beans, fajita veggies, pico and verde, corn, half serving of sour creme, some cheese, and sometimes lettuce. Often chips and guac to treat myself 😉
I do, and currently I exclusively play mixed for fun tournaments (as opposed to competitive).
I throw an average of 5 days/wk. I lift 2-3 days/wk. Condition/agility 2 days a week in season.

Layout91 – I’ve heard that when you first joined machine you already were the fastest person on the team and had a 40″ vertical. What training did you use to get to that point?

I snagged workouts from all over the net. I did a lot of the P90x program. I did anything that seemed to make sense because there was no leading authority in S&C for ultimate. I especially liked contrast sets (lift heavy, mimic movement unweighted or as a plyometric). I put in work consistently, at least twice a week.
The downer was that I had frequent back spasms and an annoying knee.

2manyQuest1ons – A lot of your training for worlds videos (especially once you started “going fast”) included drills and exercises that require 2 people. How would you have changed the workouts if Bob wasn’t there?

I would not have been able to throw and mark. I also would have lost the ability to do band resisted runs, but I could have done a stationary version. I have a hard time pushing myself without a competitive environment in conditioning/ESD training.
But overall not many functional performance training adjustments would have been made. The sport skills would have been much more challenging to train well. I would have had to throw at stationary targets against stationary marks.

Brummie49 – How many hours a day do you work on those boyish good lucks?
What’s your version of “Blue Steel” and can you post a photo?
Is that smile natural or do you work on poses like this one?

Hmm. Tough one. Roughly 0.5.
I have no version of Blue Steel. I used it all up years ago taking Bank of America photos for my debit card. I’ve been left with devastatingly underwhelming facial contortions ever since.
Totally. Completely. Natural. #yourewelcome

2manyQuest1ons – If you have a very compressed training schedule, or not enough time for multiple long phases, what training modalities do you think are most important to focus on(ie strength, power, power endurance, conditioning, etc)?

I personally think it depends on what sort of player you want to be. Some players want to have enviable endurance. Some players want to have super explosive capabilities. If you truly want both ends of the spectrum, you will have to make enough time.

VoicefromtheShadows – For worlds tryouts you obviously had your macrocycle planned out and maybe even your mesocycle, but how far ahead do you sit down and plan out each individual training session?

I usually feel the need to map out 20 weeks out from a peak. I don’t train for more than 12-16 week cycles, so it gives me some time to adjust for afterthoughts prior to implementation.

krdonnie – How many dogs stuffed into overalls do you think you could fight? How about three dogs in blue denim overalls?

I’m a lover, not a fighter. But I do not, in general, like dogs or overalls. Thus I would avoid this encounter to the best of my abilities.
Cats in pajamas is a different story, though. Actually, it’s the exact same story.


pbe2016 – What certifications do you recommend for those of us interested in also becoming fitness / strength coaches?
The CFSC is fantastic for those wanting hands on, very applicable training, and resources. It comes from an organization that has been rated the best gym in America multiple times and focuses on athletes.

VoicefromtheShadows – What are your favorite non-frisbee non-training things do to?

Cold water immersions. The Beach. Drive my car. One of these days I’ll get into video games again, maybe. But more likely I’ll continue to read about topics that fade in and out of my interest.

wiffer12 – Hi goose! At us open you told me machine will make another bad lip reading to give the fans what they want. Is this still happening?!

No promises, but I will keep pushing for it.

pbe2016 – would you ever consider entering into a freestyle frisbee competition?

Yes, though I would expect to do very poorly as my freestyle skills are rudimentary at best 🙂

jacktrain23 – What is the training required to become a Certified Functional Strength Coach? What sort of education does that require?

The certification and training is all the product of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. You have to give them money, you have to pass a written exam, and then you have to pass an in-person practical exam at the conclusion of a hands-on educational and coaching day. I do not recall any educational requirements….


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