MP FPT is for the entire ultimate community. The creation of this system has been inspired and driven by your passion. You spoke up, told us that you were ready to take your game to the next level, and we delivered.

Athletes - Looking for a program to get you to the next level and keep you healthy? Use our programs, learn cues from our top coaches, and watch the movement of our MP athletes.

Team Workout Captains - Leading your team workouts and warm-ups? Reference our warm-ups, speed & agility drills, and use our programs to get your team workouts to top notch.

Strength Coaches & Trainers - MP FPT is your toolbox. Use our progression/ regression/lateralization system and vast appendices to create customized programs for your clients!

Sport Coaches - Don’t have the funds to hire a strength coach for your team? Reference our programs and progressions to add warm-ups, speed & agility, and conditioning drills to your team practices.

Our mission is to empower athletes to reach their peak potential through education, world-class programming, and community support.

Inspiration + Education = Empowerment


What to do, and how to do it, both in the gym and on the field.

Video Demos

Multiple angles, with progressions, regressions, and lateralizations.


Organized video appendix for athletes and coaches. 500 + videos and counting

Slack Community

Interactive questions and community.


At only $15 a month, more athletes will be able to leverage the FPT model.

Always Updated

Regularly updated with new programs and content always being added.

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We are making the site affordable for the masses.  For contrast: distance coaching comes at a price of $400-600 and Training Sessions are $80 a piece.  At only $15 a month, more ultimate athletes will be able to leverage the FPT model than ever before, and with no commitments or contracts!  You can cancel and join at any time.