To get started with MPFPT you’ll just need access to a gym and some cones.

As you progress within the system however you’ll want to build out your training bag and your zen den with some specialized equipment.

Adding some of these tools to your repertoire will help you to get the most out of your Warm Ups, SpeedAgility, StrengthPower and Conditioning programs.

Here is a list of our essentials gear and some more specialized gear for our advanced members.


MP Training Essentials!


Superband – 1″ | SpeedAgility.two | All StrengthPower Programs

Needed for Leg Lowers, Front Side Hip Openers, Band Resisted Speed Drills, etc


Used in all MP Warm Up & StrengthPower Programs

Needed for hip rotator and psoas activations

Agility Ladder | SpeedAgility.two

Coregeous Ball | Encouraged over a yoga block for all adductor squeezes in our SP Programs as well as most repositioning drills in our MQ programs



Needed for all sliding hamstring drills and advanced core and push up progressions

Kneeling Pad

Great for office work and any exercise involving 1/2 kneeling position

Our Favorite Soft Tissue Tools!


Lacrosse Ball

A staple in every gym back. Great for accessing localized trigger points.



The most effective roller on the market. Allows for application of RPR principles.

The design makes it especially useful for neck, sacrum, sternum and along the spine.

Traditional High Density Foam Roller 

Too many rollers on the market are too soft to get the effect.

We’ve found this high density version by perform better to be appropriate for most of our athletes.




Trigger Point Theracane 

A great option for getting deep into soft tissue with manual leverage.

Especially useful for the neck and traps.

Massage Ball

A bigger option for localized trigger points.

Especially useful for the medial quad, TFL and Psoas.

Rad Balls

Super localized small balls for the smallest areas.  A great option for improving foot mobility and working on intrinsic foot and hand musculature. Blue is best for plantar facia issues!

Coregeous Ball

When slightly deflated this ball is great “gut smashing”  

(accessing deeper abdominals and gut region)



Shoe Deodorizer and Odor Eliminator

Keep the smell down with these Mini Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags.