Empower the global ultimate community by providing inspiration education resources programming and community support.

  • We are creating a community of athletes & coaches who strive to learn more, perform at a high level, and compete at the highest level of their respective sport.
  • The members of this community push each other to reach higher levels in training and on the field on play.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standard and embody a mindset of excellence which will evolve our minds and bodies throughout our training journey.
  • We stand on the shoulder of giants and follow the tenants of functional strength & conditioning to make our bodies into the most efficient machines they can be so that we may go out into the world ready to take on any activity.

While each of us are Ultimate players our mission can be adopted by athletes of any sport who desire to become more efficient, stronger, faster, and injury resistant.

Passion breeds excellence!

Tim Morrill

CEO, Coach

As one of the premier coaches in the fields of speed & agility, strength & conditioning, health, fitness and movement, Tim Morrill is a true leader in training for ultimate and strength & conditioning. He is the co-founder of Morrill Performance, the Ocean City Beach Classic & the USA Ultimate 2 x Beach Champions – Humiliswag.

After finishing his Masters in Exercise Science (UNI) and completing 3 years as a university strength coach, Tim founded Morrill Performance in 2011 as a platform in which to share his knowledge and work toward the MP mission of empowering the global ultimate community to reach it’s potential via educational seminars & 5 online products before launch a subscription platform in 2017 to provide long term athlete development programming. Tim and MP are relentless in their pursuit of developing their athletes to the fullest of their potential.  MP has facilitated over 100 workshops in over 22 countries world wide. As much as Morrill Performance is known for their direct results, it is equally known for maintaining excellence, passion and integrity in all of its endeavors.
As a sport performance coach, Tim has a diverse resume having worked as a Division 3 strength coach at Salisbury University (2008), a Division 1 strength coach at the University of Northern Iowa (2009 – 2010), the Men’s Health # 1 Gym in America Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning in Boston, MA (2011-2013) and at the National Strength & Conditioning Association (2010).  Since his inception of MP Tim has focused the majority of his efforts on training ultimate frisbee players and has worked with many of the best athletes and teams in the game, most notably Boston Ironside,  Boracay Dragons, the Womens Division 3 x National USA Ultimate National Champions Boston Brute Squad and the 2x USA Ultimate championship beach TEAM Humiliswag.As an educator, Tim has been a frequent contributor to USA Ultimate magazines and conferences.  He has presented his curriculum on the big stage at national conferences for both the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and USA Ultimate. As a writer he has been published by USA Ultimate, Mens Journal & Skyd Magazine.   He has been involved in many other projects including the performance development of the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL),  training curriculum development at CUT Camps and testing / data collection and ambassadorship of USA Ultimate and the #liveultimate brand.

As an athlete and ultimate TEAM builder Tim specializes in Beach Ultimate so to be able to play with his athletes, refine and develop curriculum / programming and to free up time work as a support for grass players. He is the co-founder of Humiliswag Beach Ultimate, a TEAM founded on the Values of Spirit, Humility & Unity.  He has organized 13 Humiliswag Squads & has consistently played and trained with the Portuguese Squad UFA and the Philippines Squad – Boracay Dragons.  In 2020 Tim will continue building with Dragons, UFA and Humiliswag & will start the year of competition with USA Ultimate Beach of Dreams Showcase event in Santa Monica.  His competitive journey is powered by Laird Superfood. You can get 20% off all products with Code Timbro20!

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Jimmy D

Director of Operations 

Jimmy helped with the launch of the first Morrill Performance website in 2011 and has rejoined the MP team as the Chief Officer of Awesome (Operations) and handles the website, marketing, athlete and community support, project management, and all else to deliver you an awesome experience.

Jimmy is originally from Michigan and first played Ultimate over 20 years ago. After graduating from Michigan State University, where he played on his first organized Ultimate team (the B-Squad of Burning Couch), Jimmy moved to Colorado Springs and began playing and eventually captaining for the COS mixed team, known as various names over the years. He became President of Colorado Springs Ultimate Network in 2007 and grew the organization and the participation of Ultimate within the city for 10 years before stepping down as President to travel Europe with his wife for six months. Lately, Jimmy primarily plays as a pickup player at various beach and grass tournaments and in the Masters Division. Jimmy also coaches the Developmental Squad at the Air Force Academy.


Zi Ng

Program Admin, Coach

Zi is a product of dedication to the process. His journey with MPFPT began in 2015 as a Distance Coaching client. Since then, he has educated himself extensively in the science of functional training for sports, executed and tested training theories, competed in Australian Ultimate Championships, became a Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC), and also jammed with Humiliswag Beach Ultimate team at the 2016 UA Open, Boracay Island, taking home Champion without any prior Beach Ultimate experience!

As a sports performance coach, he has assisted Tim Morrill at MP Clinics in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He also took the opportunity to assist the Malaysian Under-24 World Ultimate Championship campaign of 2018. Two athletes executed a full year of Distance Coaching directly with Zi, where he used MPFPT and the CFSC as a resource. The championship was conveniently hosted in Perth, Australia, where Zi is currently based and he was on the ground with the team throughout the tournament lending his expertise.

As an extra, you might find it interesting to know that during his youth, he competed in Recurve Field Archery, as seen in the Olympic games, and represented his school. Archery being a significant part of the Malaysian National Sports program, gave him the taste of parading through a stadium with hundreds of athletes across many sports, living in athlete quarters and paid allowances. While he did not win any medals, he was awarded sporting colours by his school.


Ari Nelson


Ari started training with MPFPT in 2019 after an injury that took her out of the game for months. She quickly recognized the power that MPFPT’s community and knowledge held and joined the staff in 2020 as a Co-op. Ari works closely with Tim Morrill on social media, administrative work, and works with Zi Ng on programming. She is also finishing her training to become an MPFPT coach.  

As an Ultimate Frisbee player, Ari has played at almost every level of the sport. From a young age she was playing at a competitive level, taking the field with a club team for the first time when she was 17. Since coming to Boston, she has played at the Elite D1 Womxn’s college level, the Elite D1 Men’s college level, elite Club Mixed as a member of Boston Slow White, and elite Club Womxn’s as a member of Denver Molly Brown. She won a Silver Medal at WUCC 2018 with Boston Slow, and won a Gold Medal at WU24 2019 with the USA National Womxn’s Team. She shines on the field with her throws, defensive footwork, and immense athleticism.

Outside of MPFPT and Ultimate, Ari is working on getting her undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Northeastern University. She also is an outspoken advocate for the education and awareness of Mental Health and Trauma in the Ultimate community, and started her own organization Time for the Ultimate Talk in 2020 to discuss the above. She is always happy to discuss social justice issues, and is ready and willing to train and interact with everyone.


David Conlon


David Conlon, 38,  has been playing ultimate  for 15 years, and was a co-founder of the Los Angeles Aviators.  Although David works in the Animated movie business, his real passion is Strength and Conditioning.  The tipping point came when David was lucky enough to train with a coach who worked in the Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals Strength and Conditioning programs.  This opened a whole new way to train for ultimate and from there David followed Morrill Performance programs for himself as well as bringing MP to the Aviators.  David is a Certified Functional Strength Coach(CFSC) and pursuing certification in Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) as well as Functional Movement Systems (FMS). In his free time David is an avid indoor and outdoor climber, amateur photographer, and lives with his wife and twin boys in Los Angeles, CA.


Rebekah Jane

Marketing Specialist

Rebekah began working with MPFPT in May of 2018 as the Marketing Specialist. She spearheads the social media content, weekly 6notes, and assists in planning and execution of website updates and marketing plans.

She competed on the high school soccer, cross country, swimming, and track teams. She went on to compete in track and cross country at the collegiate level. She earned her Bachelors in Business Administration Digital Marketing and Advertising from Liberty University. While Rebekah never played Ultimate Frisbee in a league, she did play often (and fervently) with her cross-country team and track teams.

Rebekah has lived in 4 states in the past two years, due to her husband serving in the United States Army. They currently live in Alabama with their two dogs and are expecting their first child in August of 2019.