Electrical Engineer by day, Ultimate player any other time. Grew up in Malaysia and currently based in Perth, Australia. My history with Ultimate is very typical: Found it during university, played a lot, tried very hard to get better, got injured and almost gave up. I found out about Morrill Performance when they scheduled a Speed & Agility clinic in Perth during the MP Asia Tour 2014. The 'Common Training Misconceptions' lecture really hit home about everything I knew about Ultimate. It all made sense and I just knew that this is the answer. I didn't waste any time and wanted to learn everything there is about physical training and how to implement it by myself. I've gone very far since then, having read books about programming written by highly accredited individuals including Michael Boyle, Tudor Bompa, Gray Cook and Tim Morrill himself. Not only do they write books, many of them produce valuable hours of video products. I've read all the debates in the fitness industry and tested my own personal programs. I'm a Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC). As an amateur S&C hobbyist, I'm happy to share my personal experience to bring value to the MP family and give back to MP for the life-changing impact they have had on me. Visit my Facebook Page, Ultimate ZiNg; or catch up with my Instagram, @nejiwiz.