StrengthPowerTwo – Ready for You!

The long awaited follow up to Program.One and pre-requisite to Triphasic.Two is now live and ready for you to get started! StrengthPowerTwo is a complete, 4 phase 12-14 week...

The long awaited follow up to Program.One and pre-requisite to Triphasic.Two is now live and ready for you to get started!

StrengthPowerTwo is a complete, 4 phase 12-14 week intermediate level strength & power development program.  It is appropriate for the majority of athletes who have already completed StregthPowerZero and StrengthPowerOne and are dedicated to going to the next level of athletic development.   Athletes who have completed the uni-lateral based programming of StrengthPowerOne have build the requisite unilateral strength, power and symmetry need to take on the heavy loads with StrengthPowerTwo.   Remember, MP is a long term athlete development model.  Going through these programs and taking on higher levels of load is will serve as the requisite for you start into your Triphasic journey.  

The progression through your MP Strength & Power development journey is: StrengthPowerZero, StrenthPowerOne/TriphasicOne, StrengthPowerTwo, TriphaicTwo.

As you go through the journey your body will adapt to more advanced training methods and you will continue earn that edge of over your competition. Just remember that consistency is king.  Do the workouts and stay the course.  If ever you have questions we are here for you just post to the forums.

StrengthPowerTwo in many forms has been utilized for and refined over years of blocks in the trenches practionership with our MP Athletes.  The program went through its final official  test run during the Boracay Dragons 2017 WCBU training preparations at MP Boracay.  Check out some of the training highlights here!

Boracay Dragons Training w/ MPFPT Program.Two from mp fpt on Vimeo.

Program.Two Periodization Style

You’ll journey through 4 phases of programming each phase building the necessary qualities needed to prepare you for the following phase.  In Phase 1 Slow Strength you will build awareness through a focus of eccentric and isometric movements to ensure activation of proper muscles and execution of movements in alignment with our cues. Phase 2 Hypertrophy you will build capacity under load. You may gain a bit of muscle mass and that is OK! Many of you need more muscle mass but for those that feel the mass can slow you down you’ll feel confident in knowing that an increase in the cross-sectional area of the muscle improves the ability to develop strength. Therefore, you’ll use this increase in muscle mass and capacity under load to convert your adaptations into Strength in Phase 3.  As you complete your strength phase you’ll are ready to reap the rewards of this your hard work with Phase 4, Conversion to Power!  You will continue to get Strong in Phase 4 however the focus will shift to moving weights faster and performing higher level plyometrics.  For those with only a 12-16 week off-season Phase 4 can be used as an in-season style peaking phase or can transition into In-Season.One programming.  If you do gain significant muscle mass you will have plenty of time to trim down as you work through phases 3 & 4 which will not elicit significant hypertrophy.

Help Pass The Fire!

We all need a bit of motivation from time to time. Using instagram to post your progress is a great way to hold you accountable, inspire others and to create a sort of training yearbook using the #mpfpt hashtag.  A few community leaders currently on StrengthPowerTwo and are stepping up their insta game by posting their progress with us. We encourage you to join in and do a bit  of posting yourself. Just be sure to use the #MPFPT and #StrengthPowerTwo hashtags!


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