6-Notes from June 16th, 2019

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6-Notes on Sunday

Hi there!

Here is your weekly dose of “6-Notes on Sunday,” a list of ideas, products, episodes, quotes, exercises, and more that we believe are worth sharing.

The big announcement —
On Friday Tim announced that we were rolling out something BIG. So for all yall insiders here it is: PEAK+ in-season enrollment is open now! This is an awesome new program with tons of new content. You can check out a sneak peak here!

The art of breath —
Check out this short lecture from our friends at art of breath on understanding “Autonomic Tone” as a human animal. We can all learn a lot about being mindful of our breath.

Summer playlist —
Need a new playlist full of awesome tunes to get your ready for your workouts this summer? We’ve got you covered! If you appreciate the flow and inspiration that music can give us you’ll want to be sure to follow this awesome summer playlist!

Training while traveling —
If you’ve got summer travel plans, but don’t want to sacrifice your training schedule, then check out this article written by PEAK + sponsored U24s athlete Helen Eifert about how to keep your schedule regardless of your travel.

Hamstring rehab — 
Training can put a lot of strain on your hamstrings. This simple hamstring protocol rehab, exclusively from MPFPT, is the a great way protocol to implement to if you are looking to rehab an injured hamstring.

TAP the show 
You’ve seen our Talking About Performance videos featured before, but did you know there’s a whole page where you can access all these TAP videos at any time?

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Wishing you the ultimate week!

The Morrill Performance Team

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